KFC-obsessed student given fried chicken bouquet for college graduation

That’s so…sweet?

What do you give someone graduating college who is obsessed with KFC? A fried chicken bouquet of course!

Lucy Zhao and her boyfriend Gabriel You, love KFC so much they eat there several times a week, and with Lucy’s graduation near, Gabriel decided to get her something special.

He worked with a florist to create a fried chicken bouquet! To create it, Gabriel purchased a big bucket of fried chicken wings and a large box of popcorn chicken and put the different pieces onto wooden skewers.

Upon giving it to her on her big day, she loved it! “It looked great. On my graduation day, all these other students were looking at it and asking me what it was because it looked like chicken” Lucy explained, “I said, ‘It is chicken!’ and gave them some to eat. It was so funny, and they enjoyed it.”

Read more via foxnews.com.

Image: Lucy Zhao/Caters News

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