A Germ-Free Birthday Cake Shield?

Have you ever watched someone blow out their birthday candles on the cake thinking about all of the germs being spread? Well, after 2020 it’s definitely in the back of everyone’s mind!

A dentist from Colorado, William Kay, DMD, has created what he titles the “Top It Cake Shield.” This cake shield sits on tops of your birthday cake, or any cake for that matter, in order to prevent germs and spit from spreading on your party’s dessert.

“Per the product’s website, the Top It Cake Shield was initially inspired by research spearheaded by scientists at Clemson University’s Department of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences, directly analyzing how blowing out candles may contaminate desserts. The study in question found that blowing out candles on a cake resulted in “1400% more bacteria” found on these cakes’ outer icing compared to those that were not blown on. “The transfer of bacteria and other microorganisms from the respiratory tract of a person blowing out candles to food consumed by others is likely,” the study’s authors concluded.”

For $15 you can purchase this to shield an entire 10-inch cake or $5 to shield an individual slice. You can read more about this post here! 

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