French Toast Girl Scout cookies? Yes please!

Every year we all look forward to the world’s best cookies from The Girl Scouts! Thin Mints, Samoas, and more – but a new French Toast flavor? Talk about amazing!

With a bright 2021 outlook, the Girl Scouts announced that they will be selling a new cookie, Toast-Yay! It will be shaped like a piece of french toast and will even be dipped on one side with icing. Plus, rumors have it that these cookies are pretty large!

Although COVID-19 has brought some concerns to the 2021 Girl Scout cookie season, they have already put action into place by planning online cookie booths and socially distant or contactless sales, as well as delivery options in select areas. To see how Girl Scouts near you will be selling their cookies and if you’ll be able to buy Toast-Yay!, you canĀ contact your local council.

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