New Krispy Kreme to have glaze waterfall and theater seats!

There is a new Krispy Kreme opening up in Times Square that is expected to have the world’s largest hot sign, would you visit?

“ThisĀ  24-hour, 4,500-square-foot retail space, will sit at the corner of Broadway and 48th Street. The location’s “doughnut theater experience” will showcase the doughnut-making process from end-to-end, from the mixing of ingredients to running the tasty treats through a glaze ‘waterfall.’ Oh, and if you get hungry and want to eat one (or a box?) of them, there will be stadium-style seating in the shop so you’ll have great seats to view the whole show, because this location will be on Broadway, after all.”

However, with COVID-19 social guidelines in place, this doughnut shop may not be experiencing the foot traffic it expected on opening day. But that doesn’t stop Krispy Kreme from serving the people what they want! They will be “controlling capacity for social distancing with online reservations to enter the store if it becomes too crowded. Employees will also wear masks and have daily temperature checks. The September opening is more than four months after an originally scheduled May launch date, which was scuttled because of the virus.”

Read more about this new Krispy Kreme location here.

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