Angel has Fallen

Bob & Sheri September 6, 2019

This is the third installment of the “Fallen” movies.  The first, Olympus Has Fallen had big box office numbers in the US and even better worldwide.  The second London Has Fallen didn’t do as well in the US but it killed worldwide, so here we are going to the well one more time.  Now nobody loves a good action, good guy verses bad guy, insurmountable odds, gunfire, explosions, and all that goes with it, more than me.  Plus the fact that I’m a huge Gerard Butler fan.  But when you get to number three you have to lower those expectations.  I did just that and I had a great time.  Actually better than I expected.


Secret service agent Mike Banning, played by Butler, has got some issues.  It’s no surprise that after all he went through in the first two movies he’s got some back problems, neck problems, migraines, and is taking way more pain killers than he probably should to get through the day.  He has a chance to become the director of the Secret Service but doesn’t want to live his life behind a desk and miss out on the action.

He has this discussion with his best friend and old army buddy Wade, played by Danny Huston.

They see themselves as lions who never get out of the fight.  He is now protecting President Trumbull, played by Morgan Freeman.


There is of course a plot to kill Trumbull, and it almost succeeds, leaving the President in a coma and Agent Banning framed for masterminding the assassination plot.  The case is rock solid and the only way Banning can prove he is innocent and protect the President is to escape and solve the mystery.


The movie is 2 hours and Rated R for violence, some more violence, followed by some extreme violence, and language.


This is the kind of movie where you try to figure out who the secret bad guys are and just who is going to live and who is going to die, except for Gerard Butler.  They ain’t killing him for sure, because this might make enough money to go a fourth time.


The craziness could have used a little humor but the movie stayed serious the entire time.  But the real bright spot in the movie is Nick Nolte.

He plays Agent Banning’s dad, Clay who left him and his mom when Banning was young.  He went off the grid like a K-Mart brand Unabomber.  He is hilarious, and really picks up the second half of the movie.


This is one of those movies that is not going to change your life and stick with you.  But as a two hours of action movie entertainment, it gets the job done.  The reviews are not good, they never are for the second sequel of a movie, unless it’s Lord of the Rings.  I’m pretty sure the critics would find a ton wrong with Schindler’s List 3.


The bottom line is, if you liked one and two, then you will thoroughly enjoy this one.  Get some popcorn, a drink, manage your expectations, and have a great time.


My Score: with the second sequel curve, 4 Budweisers

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