Autocorrect Did Me Wrong

Bob & Sheri August 30, 2019

Signs You’re An Adult.

Prince Andrew’s Chubby Fingers.

The Disappearance of the HMS Terror.

Morons in the News: Elderly Orgy.


Donna- Loves Sardines.

Dancing with the Stars.

The People’s Movie Critic: “Ready or Not”

Carla’s Birthday at the R & B Club.


Don- Autocorrect Did Me Wrong.

Screens Are Killing Off Imaginary Friends.

Can You Believe This S***?

Gaining Weight in a Relationship.


Slang That Dates Back to WW1.

Citizen Salute: Comcast Worker Helps Customer Having a Stroke.

Woman Wants Divorce Because Husband is Too Wonderful.

Bob’s Hierarchy of Holidays.

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