Good Boys

Bob & Sheri August 23, 2019

Attention!  This movie is Rated R for language that you are not expecting to be coming out of 12 year old boy’s mouths.  Make no mistake this is not a kid’s movie, even though it’s full of kids.  Think about it this way, the Secret Life of Pets is full of pets but you wouldn’t take your dog or cat to see it.  The reality is that the language and subject matter of sex, kissing, drugs, and all things middle school are pretty much realistic.  It’s just not comfortable.  But boy is it funny!  As parents we don’t like to think it but kids this age swear.  They are not good at it, but it is a rite of passage.  They do it to prove how cool they are and to hide how scared and insecure they are.  I’m sure kids of today with cell phones and internet are way more advanced than when I was a kid but I still remember the first explanations about sex I got from kids that convinced me they were authorities.  They were idiots that were talking to someone that was a clueless bigger idiot that had no idea what was going on, me.

The plot surrounds 3 boys. Max, played by Jacob Tremblay, Lucas, played by Keith l. Williams, and Thor, played by Brady Noon.  They are the best of friends and refer to themselves as The Bean Bag Boys.  Max gets asked to a party by the cool table in the lunchroom.  He refuses to go to the party unless Lucas and Thor get to go.  Once he gets that settled he finds out it’s a kissing party.  None of the Bean Bag Boys have any idea how kissing works. They first practice on a CPR dummy which turns out to be a high dollar life-size sex doll.   They try to look it up on the internet and the things they run across shock them to their very core.  In an attempt to see live action kissing Max uses his Dad’s drone to spy on a neighbor girl and her boyfriend.  That doesn’t work and Max loses the drone to the neighbor girl.  He is in danger of being grounded which means no kissing party, which means he won’t get to kiss the love of his life that he plans to marry, Brixlee, played by Millie Davis.  Trying to get the drone back involves running around with drugs, stealing beer, risking their very lives.  When they scour the house for weapons they come up with one of the parent’s full line of sex toys.

The movie is a perfect hour and half, Rated R for exactly what I told you.

This is a coming of age movie that explores all the ups and downs of that age.  When one of the boys says his parents are getting a divorce his friend says “what did you do?”  It also explores facing the fact that since they have been best friends since kindergarten they feel like they will never grow apart for the rest of their lives.  The fact that it might not be the case is hard to deal with.

This movie is hilarious, thanks to the great acting jobs this kids did.  The writers did a great job of taking the grown up audience back to this same time in their life and once you get used to the language coming out of the actors mouths you will laugh through the entire movie.

My Score: 5 Budweisers and DON’T TAKE YOUR KIDS!!

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