Lamar the Official Bacon Tester

Bob & Sheri August 19, 2019

Blaming Your Flaws on Genetics.


Bob’s Wet Blanket: Music Festivals.

Morons in the News: Wyoming’s Dumbest Criminals


Why Airports Are Designed the Way They Are.

What Age We Do Adventurous Things.

Lamar the Official Bacon Tester.

Husky Protests Treats.


Talkback Caller: Naked with the Bugs.

Candace Bushnell & “Cubbing”

Can You Believe This S***?

Little Things That Lift Your Spirits.


Names for Bridesmaid Squads.

Buying Dresses for Weddings.

The Problem with Unrequited Love.

How Sheri Tried to Break a High School Crush.

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