Leave the Singing to the Pros

Bob & Sheri August 27, 2019

What Happens When You Go to Mars.

The Granny Tour in Lisbon.

A Sheer T-Shirt for Bob.

Morons in the News: Swallowed His Teeth.


Talkback Caller: Bob is My Spirit Animal.

Talkback Caller: Your Hair Can Get Cactus Needles Out of Your Skin.

Wow That’s a Lot of Recitals.

Bad News for the Door Tree in Connecticut.


Lorraine: Had a Run-In with the Law.

Comedies That Could Not Be Made Today.

Can You Believe This S***?

Stolen Hand Gun During Wild Florida Party.


The Most Stressful Moments in Life.

Are Zeppelins Making a Comeback?

Bob’s First Lobster.

Lori Loughlin Says She Thought She Was Making a Donation.


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