Sign Spinning Champ

Bob & Sheri August 12, 2019

Bob Has a New Shirt.

Kids These Days Don’t Know What a Darkroom is.

Bob Lost His Retainer in Bed.

Morons in the News: Lighting Strike Blows Up Toilet.

Funny New GEICO Commercial.

Small Plates: Mario Lopez Apologizes for Insensitive Comments.

Sign Spinning Champ.

How to Stop a Seagull from Stealing Your Food.

Talkback Caller: Tina from Oregon.

Drop-In On Bob.

Can You Believe This S***?

Mary Made Madison Her Servent.

Bob’s Going to Southwest Harbor.

“I’m the Car Accident Guy”

Some People Have Stopped Bathing Entirely.

Bob Did NOT Give Us All Food Poisoning!

Bob & Sheri

Bob & Sheri

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