Tee Time for Bob

Bob & Sheri August 22, 2019

Old Parenting Manual.

Robert De Niro Sues Former Employee for $6 Million.

Larry King’s Divorce.

Morons in the News.


Tee Time for Bob.

Having Kids is Even Better Once They Move Out.

Madison’s Bare Chested Boyfriend.

A Witness to Lincoln’s Assassination Lived Long Enough to Talk About It on TV.


Samantha: Chipped Her Man’s Tooth in Half.

The Internet Made Us Horrible.

Can You Believe This S***?

How to Make Someone Fall for You.


Listener Email: The Golf Ball Diver.

Making New Friends.

Sheri Offended Bob.

Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating.

Bob & Sheri

Bob & Sheri

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