The Great BLT Debate

Bob & Sheri July 26, 2019

What If Apollo 11 Had Failed?

Door Dash Keeps the Driver’s Tips.

Listener Suggestions for the College Admissions Scandal Movie.

Morons in the News.

Talkback Caller: Jim Gaffigan Made Bacon Popular.

Top 10 Most Fun States.

The People’s Movie Critic: “Crawl”

Camping with Loony.

Talkback Caller: No Root Beer at A&W.

You Should Like REO Speedwagon, You and the Singer Have the Same Hair.

Can You Believe This S***?

How Many Weddings Until Bob Breaks Even?

Billy Joel

It’s Okay to Check Your Phone in the Middle of the Night.

Chimps Bond Over Watching a Movie.

Woman from Whales Breaks Record for Lowest Note Sung by a Female.

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