The Lion King

Bob & Sheri August 2, 2019

Carla went with me to see this and we argued all the way home about it.  We both loved the movie but I pointed out that it was not necessary for the movie to be made.  She says that it absolutely needed to be made because it’s the best ever.  Well, I maintain that the original animated was and is the best ever and this is exactly the same story, same songs, same everything except it looks like live animals doing it.  This is where you have to decide how you feel about the movie.  I find it easier to enjoy talking animals when they are animated, as in cartoon version.  And for the record, this entire movie is animated with computer generation.  The original Lion King was hand drawn.  I totally expect a cartoon animal to talk, that’s what cartoon animals do, they talk.  They also dance, pick up things without opposable thumbs, and they drive cars.  Sometimes they wear clothes, with and without pants.  They are superheroes.  There is no limit to what a cartoon animal can do, and we believe it! A real lion doesn’t talk.  A wildebeest doesn’t bow to the non-talking lion king.  A real live warthog doesn’t dance and sing with a talking meerkat on its back. So it looks weird and out of place.

Maybe I’m being a party pooper but I went to see a movie, not a Geico commercial.  As far as real live talking animals, that came and went with Mr. Ed.

The storyline of The Lion King has a Hamlet ring to it.  It is about guilt and redemption.  Mufasa the Lion King, voiced by James Earl Jones, has a cub named Simba, voiced by Donald Glover.  Simba is heir to the throne.  Mufasa has a brother named Scar, voiced by Chiwetel Djiofor, who is a jealous backstabbing villain who wants to be king at all cost.  I’m not trying to defend Scar, but come on Mom and Dad lions, you name one kid Mufasa and the other one Scar, what do you think is going to happen?  I’m sure there was a younger sister named Sissy that was the baby of the family.  This makes Scar the middle child.  Mufasa is king, Sissy meets a Jaguar animal surgeon, and Scar is left living in his dead parents den, which is no excuse for this type of murderous behavior, but somebody should have seen this coming.  Scar tricks Simba into thinking he’s responsible for his father’s death.  Simba runs away, meets Pumbaa the warthog, voiced by Seth Rogen, and Timon the meerkat, voiced by Billy Eichner.

The movie is 118 minutes, that’s 30 minutes longer than the original, Rated PG for violence and peril.

What they did with the 30 extra minutes I really couldn’t tell.  There were zero surprises except for one extra song that Beyoncé sings so they have a chance for an Oscar.

The movie looks amazing, the story is exactly what you remember, you will laugh, cry, and cheer, but not as deeply or loudly as you did when you watched the original.  Which is my point.  The only real reason to make this, Jungle Book, Aladdin, and all the other great animated movies they will be dragging out and running through the computer, the money!  It’s Hollywood, imagine that.

Real warthogs are not nearly as cute as hand drawn animated ones, trust me.

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