So Sweet! Dog Reunited with Owner 12 years Later


Dutchess went missing 12 years ago when she was only just a puppy. Recently she was found shivering, hungry and “in serious need of a nail trim.” A person found her and brought her to the Pittsburgh shelter, where they scanned her for a microchip.

Dutchess’s chip showed she was registered to Katheryn Strang, who lives all the way in South Florida!

“I’m just so happy to have her back. I cried so many nights without her,” Katheryn Strang told CBS Pittsburgh. “I was at work, and my son, who was 12-years-old accidentally opened the door in the afternoon after school one day and we never saw her again.”

Strang said she never lost hope.

“I held out hope because I paid for that microchip every year,” said Strang. “It was $15 a year I wasn’t going to give up hope for that. Always hope.”

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Image: CBS Interactive Inc

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